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Seabob F5 SR

A high-performance SEABOB F5 SR with the Performance Raise special equipment. An overall performance increase of approx. 10% added thrust is achieved.
The SEABOB F5 SR is operated with 7 power gears for example. It also offers the SEABOB-Camsystem as standard, with two integrated cameras, a built-in storage system and a WLAN transmission module. You also have the opportunity to select a Bicolour or Big Label special colour from our range of different colours.
The two tail fins on the SEABOB F5 SR create a sporty design and also increase manoeuvrability further when driving underwater. The SEABOB with Performance Raise is identified by the F5 SR type label on the tail.

Seabob F5 S

The Seabob F5 S is the ultimate high-performance craft. Weighting just 34 kg, the vehicle possesses extremely good handling properties out of the water. Its driving performance is second to none. The Seabob F5 S boasts an impressive propulsive force of 680 newtons. The E-Jet Power System is controlled in 6 power levels. These gears of the Seabob F5 S allow you to glide along at a relaxed pace in a low gear or, for more ambitious high-speed driving, switch up to 6th gear. The craft has a highly sporty character and stands out in terms of its extraordinary dynamism. Its sporty appearance is emphasised by elements in a chrome design. The Seabob F5 S is at home in the sea. Its high degree of manoeuvrability also makes it ideally suited for use in larger pool complexes.

Seabob F5

One particular distinguishing feature of the Seabob F5 is its extremely low weight. Tipping the scales at just 29kg, the craft boasts a propulsive force of 480 newtons. The E-Jet Power System in the Seabob F5 is controlled in 4 power levels. These increments lend it a sporty character and guarantee absolute fun and the high performance of the craft coupled with the low power-to-weight ratio. The outstanding properties of the Seabob F5 in terms of handling make it suitable for use in water anywhere. It is at home in the sea. It demonstrates outstanding performance on high degree of manoeuvrability, the Seabob F5 can be used in both small and large pool complexes.

Speed over water

* Seabob speed (km/h) – bigger is better

Seabob F5 – 14 km/h
Seabob F5 S – 20 km/h
Seabob F5 SR – 22 km/h

Speed under water

* Seabob speed (km/h) – bigger is better

Seabob F5 – 13 km/h
Seabob F5 S – 18 km/h
Seabob F5 SR – 20 km/h

Seabob engine

* Seabob motor performance (kW) – bigger is better

Seabob F5 – 2.5 kW (3.3HP)
Seabob F5 S – 4.0 kW (5.3 HP)
Seabob F5 SR – 4.5 kW (6 HP)

Seabob thrust

* Seabob thrust (N) – bigger is better

Seabob F5 – 480 N
Seabob F5 S – 680 N
Seabob F5 SR – 745 N

Seabob weight

* Seabob weight (kg) – smaller is better

Seabob F5 – 29 kg
Seabob F5 S – 34 kg
Seabob F5 SR – 35 kg
Compare Seabob Models

Designation Seabob F5 Seabob F5 S Seabob F5 SR
Shell Hard integral plastic Hard integral plastic Hard integral plastic
Motor performance 2.5 kW (3.3 HP) 4.0 kW (5.3HP) 4.5 kW (6HP)
Thrust 480 N 680 N 745 N
Speed over water 14 km/h 20 km/h 22 km/h
Speed under water 13 km/h 18 km/h 20 km/h
Electronic speed control 4 levels 6 levels 7 levels
Battery capacity 1.1 kW/h; 48 V; 23 Ah 1.8 kWh; 48V; 38 Ah 2.0 kWh; 48V; 42 Ah
Average operation 50 min 60 min 70 min
Charging time 8 h 8 h 8 h
Charging time with quick charger 90 min 90 min 90 min
Diving depth (with safety on) 2.5 meters 2.5 meters 2.5 meters
Diving depth (with safety off) 40 meters 40 meters 40 meters
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1,152 x 507 x 372 1,152 x 507 x 372 1,152 x 507 x 372
Weight 29 kg 34 kg 35 kg
Bouyancy in water 14 kg 10 kg 9 kg
Extras Chrome design display panel Integrated 2 HD Cameras, Tail Fins
Pilot belt option
Price net 8.960 € 11.945 € 14.935 €