Seabob Service & Assistance

24/7 Seabob Service Hot line (Worldwide)

+377 640 62 95 99

Cruising in The Mediterranean, Caribbean or further Offshore ? We’ll keep you worry-free. Because we care. For Assistenza Seabob in Italian waters please call +39 339 253 80 59. For Seabob Pomoč in Adriatic please call +385 99 874 20 00.

365/24/7 Seabob Assistance

Get in touch with our dedicated technical personnel. Seabob Assistance team will assist you in identifying the cause of the error and take further actions if necessary.

You can expect:

  1. Fast Response 24/7
  2. Online Technical Support
  3. Seabob Instructions & Advice
  4. Certified Seabob service Center
  5. Seabob Spare Parts
  6. Warranty Cases
  7. Seabob Refurbishment
  8. Worldwide Logistic Support

Seabob Service

After it has been confirmed to you by our technical Assistance that the Seabob needs to be repaired please kindly initiate a Seabob Service Case by filling the Seabob Service Form bellow:
Please have the following information ready:

  1. Seabob Model
  2. Seabob Serial Number
  3. Accumulator/Battery Serial Number (only for F7 or VX2)
  4. Service/Error messages appearing on the Display
  5. Description of the malfunction or damage

Please liaise with our Logistics for Delivery to the nearest Certified Seabob Service centre.