Seabob Accessories

Seabob F5 Quick Charger

Seabob Quick Charger

Recharge your Seabob quickly. A Quick charger reduces the charging time of Seabob to only aproximately 90 minutes.

Seabob Bag

Seabob bag is made of strong & endurable material. It is ideal solution to protect and handle your Seabob.
Bag will help you save space and made protect your Seabob during travel or storage.
Seabob F5 Bag
Seabob F5 series protective cover

Seabob Cover

Pratical cover to protect your Seabob from dust and sunlight.

Seabob Lifting Dock

Inflatable wet dock. For lowering or lifting a SEABOB into or out of the water with a davit.
Seabob F5 lifting dock kit
Seabob F5 Weights

Seabob Weights

Seabob weight compensation system is designed for professional Scuba diving with your Seabob.
It is designed to neutralize Seabob bouyancy. With easy fixation system you are set in just a few seconds.

Seabob Pilot Belt

The pilot belt system has been developed specifically for sporty driving in the top speedrange. This innovative belt system transforms the tremendous thrust into an exhilarating riding experience and even greater agility in the water.
Seabob Pilot belt
Seabob F5 Rack

Seabob Rack

Seabob rack is a wall or floor holding device designed for secure storage of the Seabob.
It features easy fit design and horizontal or vertical installation.
Ideal for storage in Yacht’s garage.

Seabob Cart

Seabob Cart was designed for easy transport and handling for all Seabob models.
Featuring easy mounting hooks, lightweight design, stable construction and adjustable handle.
Seabob Cart